kindness 2

Kindness is good.  It helps others  and it does this help when you need help –  well not for a robbery that’s bad, but for other things and doing a lot. You could help a lot of people and everyone won’t get into a fight any more.  It will be amazing.  Just think for a minute. What do you think, no one fighting anymore, no getting mad, no more hitting… just being honest.


I studied galaxies. My board look like this:


It had a galaxies thing on top.  At the bottom of it it had my name and the facts were on the side – 3 and 3.   My board was small and in the middle there was a galaxies picture . Galaxies shapes are: elliptical irregular spiral barred and  lenticular.  We live among stars because galaxies are made of stars .


hockey is a difficult sport.  It’s not easy I have played it before number 1 skating it is very weird you have to put your feet side ways and put your feet back and forth  that’s it for that one 2 dribble when you dribble it’s kind of like soccer but swing it back and forth you have get used to it.

3thinig about hockey

Hockey is a rough sport.  It’s not easy I have played it in november in 2018.  It is not the easiest sport, but not the hardest sport .1Dribbling is like soccer, but you have a stick and you swing it back and forth. You have to get really used to it. 2 Skating you have to put your feet side ways  and put your feet back. 3 the last one passing its easy well it’s not one its hard to aim it hard to hit it hard and get it where you want. you have to do it a lot of times. That’s all I have to say.

All About Me

My name is Van. I am nine years old. I like to play hockey. I also like playing with
Legos. Also I lived in Virginia once. I am in 3 rd grade and my handwriting is messy.
I’m not the smartest in the grade, but I’m not dumb. Also, I am a big fan of dogs. I go to NHS and my last name is walther.