kindness 2

Kindness is good.  It helps others  and it does this help when you need help –  well not for a robbery that’s bad, but for other things and doing a lot. You could help a lot of people and everyone won’t get into a fight any more.  It will be amazing.  Just think for a minute. What do you think, no one fighting anymore, no getting mad, no more hitting… just being honest.

6 thoughts on “kindness 2”

  1. I loved what you said about no more fighting. That is very good advise for all of us. espsialy the third graders at our school. Let’s try to make it happen when we get back. See you hopfaly soon.
    – Sophie

  2. Hey Van! I hope yo are staying happy while you are staying at home and that you aren’t fighting with your brother too much!! 😉 I hope to see you soon!

  3. Hi Van, How are you? I miss you! I’ve missed reading you on the blog. I hope you are well and have been able to do some of the activities posted for the last week. Tell us about what have been doing, what you’ve been reading – more Ricky Ricotta – what you’re having fun writing, the math problems you’re solving or your weather or France learning.
    Can’t wait to hear from you and see you soon!
    🙌🏼 Mrs. Eaves

  4. Hi Van,
    That is a funny picture. I hope you are doing well. Kindness is really important, I agree. You have inspired me to draw some minions today. I don’t think they will be fighting. Check the online art gallery later and see if you can find them. Tell your brother hello!
    Mrs. Nardone

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